The Roman Emperor Caligula: An Annotated Bibliography

Alexis Monthony

ENG 131.02

Professor Lucas

26th February 2014

The Roman Emperor Caligula: An Annotated Bibliography


            For the First Year Experiences course about empires, students are required to read material on a few representative empires. One of the materials for this class is on the Roman Empire, but it only covered a specific amount of the emperors. One of the most documented Roman emperors, Caligula, was not includes. I am studying this informally due to this class. I am interested in all empires, but specificly I am interested in Caligula.

The bibliography that follows includes the material from the class, and two additional sources: the doucumentary The Most Evil Men and Women in History, showing how disturbing the reign of Caligula was to the empire, and a biography describing the life of Caligula until his down fall of being an emperor.

For me, as I continue to read more on the Roman Emperor, I realize how important Caligula is to the people of Rome’s history. The more I research Caligula, the more I am shocked the people in this empire allowed him to rule for four years. From all of these materials, I have learned why Caligula is the most documented emperor from the Roman Empire. Also, I learned that he was unlike the other emperors

Kelly,Christopher. The Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction. New York. Oxford. 2006. Print

Christopher Kelly’s The Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction covers the Empire from its rise to its fall. This introduction only discusses a few emperors and how they ruled the empire during their time. One emperor that this does not mention is Caligula, but it does address the reign of his cousins Julius and Augustus Caesar. Kelly includes why the individual emperors he mentions ended his rein and what happened to the empire during the time period. Kelly also explains why the gladiator shows were “a way of life for Romans(pg79).”

Christopher Kelly, classist and historian who specializes in the Roman Empire, is a lecturer and tutor at Corpus Christi College. He has wrote numerous books since 2000.


Documentaryaddicts.The Most Evil Men and Women in History. Web. 16 Feb 2014

This documentary depicts how disturbing and evile Caligula was to the people of his empire. It addresses all four years of his reign and shows all the insane parts of his life. The documentary goes into further detail on how Caligula lived and was later murdered to end his reign.

Documentary addicts have posted many documentaries in various categories. The people who post to this are unknown, but most of the documentaries are identical to the ones that are shown and the history channel website.

Cavazzi, Franco. Caligula. Web. 17 Feb 2014

The Biography describes Caligula’s life from the time he was born to his death. It covers the people who were in his family and the relationships that they had. After Caligula, his cousins Julius and Augustus became emperors, but throughout their lives they always disagreed with Caligula’s way.

Franco Cavazzi has wrote every entry on this website. From researching a little on Cavazzi, I have found that he has a history degree specializing in the Roman Empire. Franco Cavazzi has many sites where he describes things about the Roman Empire.



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